Triangle Artist Residency
20 Jay Street, 317 + 318
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Will present on Wednesday April 18, 2018 at 7 pm

Animations and live theatrical reading:  two works by Frances Barth



The animation "Jonnie in the Lake" 
A magical experience for 9 year old Jonnie who travels to an underwater city and meets his new friend Azimer, a former downtown performance artist.
This animation is hand drawn and based on an original script by Frances Barth, with voice over by Ron Nakahara, David Asta and Frances Barth, and includes rotoscoped video performance by Valerie Charles.
TRT: 09:12 © 2016 Frances Barth


A live theatrical reading with two actors and video projection
based on the video:
 "End of the Day, End of the Day" 
Directed by Ron NakaharaActors:
Karen Lee and John FitzGibbon

The original animation/video with voice over dialogue is set just after 9/11 and involves a two day evening commute of a husband and wife. The passenger side car views show the NJ waterfront.The animation is hand drawn, with a digitally animated section that accompanies  the opening monologue.
The artist's intention was to combine aspects of traditional animation and the graphic novel.

End of the Day, End of the Day, TRT: 9:34 
color and black and white
animation/video by Frances Barth re-mastered 2018 for live reading.
Script: Frances Barth and James Barth