(American-British, b. 1962 in the UK, lived in England, Austria, France, lives and works in New York, NY since 1988).


Pagk is an abstract painter interested in exploring traditional notions of beauty, symmetry and balance. Pagk was born in England and works and lives in New York, NY. His paintings focus on both the connotation of doubt, as well as strength. Pagk’s paintings allow the viewer’s to follow his thought process, how his ideas change on the canvas from one aspect to another. Although he is considered a quintessential New York artist, his work still maintains a European resonance.


In The Pleasure Principle, Franklin Sirmans writes, “the English painter Paul Pagk courageously paints beautiful geometric abstractions at the end of the millennium in spite of the current fascination with global works of representation. Often it takes a dead poet (O’Hara) speaking on a heroic dead painter to get at the specifics of such an endeavor--the ritual of painting. There is this iconic spiritual sense to be derived from Paul Pagk’s paintings.”


Paul Pagk was born in Crawley, England in 1962. He studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France from 1978 until 1982. He was featured in a number of solo exhibitions, such as the Galerie Eric Dupont in Paris, France in 2016, following that, the Mesquite drawings at Some Walls (2016) in Oakland, CA, USA. In addition to appearing in solo exhibitions he was selected largely for group exhibitions as well, from as far back as 1983 until 2017. Galerie Eric Dupont in Paris, France represents Paul Pagk. He has exhibited in New York with Miguel Abreu gallery. 


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